Tell Your Story

Your story matters - it can make a life changing difference for others!  We are compiling a collection of stories, memories, and records of what Jesus has done in lives through the ministry of His church at Edgewater.  Would you be willing to share your story?

General Tips:

A well lit place

“hello, I’m (we’re) First Name(s) (Lets get personal!)

You may want to turn the prompt into an introductory statement ie: “I came to Edgewater because…. My favorite memory of Edgewater is … Here is how Jesus has impacted my life … 

Length – 2-3 minutes or as long as you need – if its brief that’s great too! 

            Feel free to turn on the camera, choose a prompt and start recording.  We can edit your video for you.

But What do i say?

Tell your story!  We want to give you an opportunity to tell your story of involvement at Edgewater.  A video is preferred but an audio recording or written account is also helpful.  We will be using these in an upcoming message series as well as to help others see how Jesus and His church can impact their lives.  Here are some simple tips and some “conversation starters” to get you talking.  Don’t worry, we are looking for personal testimony, not produced perfection.  Thank you for helping to share your faith with others!!

Conversation Starters:


What does Edgewater mean to you?


What brought you to Edgewater?


What keeps you coming back?


What problem or challenge has your participation / experience at Edgewater helped?


What is a powerful memory of an experience through Edgewater


What has Jesus done in your life 

Bonus points: how was that connected to Edgewater?


How has your life or that of your family been impacted by Edgewater?


What benefit have you seen because you are connected to Edgewater? 


How has your faith been challenged or grown through Edgewater?


You can email your video to If you have trouble emailing a large file, give us a call at 951-479-5575 and we can help find a way to transfer it.