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Today, through these three programs, our team continues to fulfill our God-given vision: To see India Transformed by the love of Christ.

 Monday, January 7, 2019

Dear Ministry Partners,

As I write this, my Novo team mates are traveling to Orange County. Tomorrow be will begin training dozens of pastors at our twice-annual “reFOCUS:OC” conference. 

Three trainings occur simultaneously. In one room, three of us will take pastors through steps one and two of the Missional Pathway: “Awaken and Activate”. In another room, two others will walk pastors through steps three and four: “Assess and Advance”. In a third room, a team mate and I will equip pastors in “Ascend,” advanced trainings to make their churches effective in bringing the reign of God to those they’re serving outside and to strengthen them as leaders and followers of Jesus. We are not compensated for this. Your generosity alone allows us to give ourselves to equip pastors in this way. Thank you!


Recently, your support allowed me to return to North Dakota where I conducted Novo’s Activate Workshop for Pastor Tyler Bower’s congregation. They are committed to presence the Gospel in their community. 


That same weekend I was invited to introduce the Missional Pathway at Bryan Hochhalter’s Bismarck Baptist Church. Thanks to you, we’re scheduled to begin the process at Bryan’s church in February.


Pastor Don Shannon is at Lighthouse Community Church in Costa Mesa. We met to lay the groundwork for conducting the Missional Pathway at Lighthouse, also beginning in February. 


For many years it’s been my privilege to walk with Ken Fish an apostolic leader who travels the world equipping leaders, churches, and systems to bring the supernatural power and presence of God as they minister. He is on the road more than 300 days a year, so it’s only around the holidays that we both seem to find a few moments to connect, catch up, and share what we each see God doing in our respective ministry spheres. Thank you for making this meeting possible.

In case you missed my last update, after almost three decades as “CRM” our ministry has change its name to “Novo.” Novo, in Latin, means to “make new.” 


And, “making new” is descriptive of what my reFocusing Team does:

     Coaching pastors to lead with new vision, vigor, and effectiveness.

     Equipping congregations to launch new missional works among the unchurched in their cities.

     Creating new resources to support the Church worldwide to presence the gospel in their communities.

While CRM has an exemplary reputation all around the world, we’ve often been confused with the acronym for “Customer Relationship Management.”

Here are some key details regarding your financial support of my ministry:

     When writing checks, you are welcome to use either “CRM” or “Novo.” Both will continue to be valid moving forward.

When giving online, please continue to use:

     Any recurring gifts (thank you!) will transfer without interruption.

     Receipts for gifts and other communications are being sent under the name “Novo,” so keep an eye out for this change. This is true for both email and printed communications.

     On your bank and credit card statements, we will show up as “Novo/CRM” for at least the first year.

     Your year-end 2018 receipt will be branded as both CRM and Novo.


Novo is CRM.

Same people, same board, same values and vision. 

I continue to work with my team (they’re eight of us) traveling around the US to train pastors, lay leadership teams, and congregations to demonstrate the good news regularly, repeatedly, personally, generously, and unconditionally. Our goal is to see thousands of new Christian believers as churches implement The Missional Pathway. I continue to provide catalytic leadership coaching for pastors and church planters in dozens of denominations and non-denominational churches. And, I continue leading our ministry’s R&D efforts as we write, test, and roll-out new workshops, training events, materials, and resources both for churches and for “activated” Christians everywhere.

To do this, I trust God to inspire the generosity and sacrifice of individuals, families, and churches. We finished 2018 with a shortfall of $5,745. If you contributed to the 2018 Ministry Momentum campaign please do not give again. If you didn’t make a contribution, would you? Please go to:

I have great anticipation for the fruitful ministry year ahead, beginning tomorrow morning!

Thank you for standing with me.



Kirk & Annie


Kirk Kirlin

Novo's reFocusing Team


400 Saint Andrews Road

Newport Beach, California 92663