Word Alone

Pastort Tim


Description:How do we know that what we belive is true?

Grace Alone

Pastor Tim


Description:The greatest gift of the reformation: The re-discovery of the gospel of Jesus Christ = you are saved by God's Grace Alone!

Joshua - The Conquest Begins

Pastor Tim


Description:After seeing first hand how God had cared for His people, Joshua trusted in the Lord. Joshua understood it was God's strength, not his own, that went with Joshua into battle. Joshua is used by God to clear the promise land of evil and temptation. What temptation do you need to clear out of your life?

Ruth - Faith of a Foreigner

Pastor Tim


Description:Ruth is the incredible account of redemption during hard times. And, through her own life story - and eventual family tree - she also reminds us of the redemption we have been freely given in Jesus.

Sharpen the Saw

Dr. Dietrich & Pastor Tim


Description:Paul encouraged his protege Timothy to "Fan into Flames" the gifts God had given to him. Are you fanning the flames of your gifts or burning out?

Understand and Synergize

Dr. Dietrich & Pastor Tim


Description:We are each created as unique individuals. Although that may seem like a problem when working together, its a actually a blesssing. We truly are better, smarter, stronger, and more effective when we work together to create things none of us would have made on our own. (The background noise is generators - this is from week two of no electricity Sunday)

Habits 2 & 3

Dr. Dietrich & Pastor Tim


Description:Paul urges us to; "Make the most of every opportunity" (Ephesians 5:16). Our time here on earth is short. Get encouragement to plan out what you will accomplish in the time you have. Download the notes for mission statment worksheet.

Be Proactive

Dr. Dietrich & Pastor Tim


Description:Do you live your life simply reacting to the effects of the world around you? Are you tossed back and forth by the waves (Ephesians 4:11). This is the habit of responsability - you have control over how you respond. This powerful habit is the bassis for an effective life.


Pastor Tim


Description:Are we there yet? What turned a two month journey into forty years of wandering in the desert? Find these answers and the goal of our own journey as we wander with the israelites.

Commands and a new Covenant

Pastor Tim


Description:Moses enters the presence of God and receives commands and a covenant that will define the holy people of God. Listen and discover the role of God's Commands and His Promises in your life.


Pastor Tim


Description:Moses is delivered and is used by God to deliver others. But the biggest obstacle isn't Pharaoh, its themselves.

From Slave to Deputy Pharaoh

Pastor Tim


Description:Joseph received the worst the world could through at him. However, he was not defined by his circumstances but by the God who gave him purpose. The slides are a big part of this message so download the PDF below.

God Builds a Nation

Pastor Tim


Description:God gives His unconditional promise to Abraham that the savior of the world, your savior, would come into the world through Abraham's family. God's gracious and unconditional love is shown when Abraham struggles to trust in God's promises.


Pastor Tim


Description:It's the beginning of The Story - the beginning of your story. A story of purpose, love, and rescue.


Dr. Adam Francisco


Description:What is Islam all about?What is its appeal?How do you live graciously with your Muslim neighbors?How can you share your faith with your Muslim friends?Dr. Adam Francisco, Assistant Professor of Historical Theology at Concordia University Irvine (whose Doctorate is in Muslim-Christian Relations)

Shake it Off

Edgewater Worship


Description:The Edgewater Worship Team covers "Shake it Off" by Taylor Swift

Shake it Off

Pastort Tim


Description:Tylor Swift's new hit song hits home. WHo's opinion of you matters? When the insalts come flying, SHake it Off!

Better or Worse?

Pastor Tim


Description:Why do we do what is right? Would you pass the "Vending Machine" test?


Pastor Tim


Description:The epic of Joseph begins with a favored son who has visions of the future. Are they crushed by jealous brothers?

Faith and Science

Dr. Ken Ebel


Description:"What is our role as a people created in the Creator's image? Some in our society have attempted to sideline this Creator on the grounds that science has given the answers to the big questions in life: Who are we as humans? Where did we come from? Is there purpose to life? Science can not and does not give adequate answers. Well then, where do we find truth?" ~ Dr. Ken Ebel

Heart of the Gospel

Pastor Tim


Description:What is the effect of Jesus' life? Could he be to blame for attrocities?

Reliable Bible?

Pastor Tim


Description:Can we trust that the bible still says what it originally said? How can we be certain that the bible was really written when we believe it was? Is the bible acurate when it gives us historical details or is it all just made up?

Resurrection on Trial

Pastor Tim


Description:Did Jesus really rise from the dead? How could you know for certain?

Easter Metamorphosis

Pastor Tim


Description:How will the facts of Easter change your life?